How To: Play any 2D Video in Anaglyph 3D format with real time conversion

2018-06-23 12:55
Software used in the video: 3D Video Player from Use only red cyan 3D glasses with the converted video (You can make them yourself following these instructions: or buy cheaply on ebay) "3D Video Player" Video Stereoscopy 3D convert video manual tutorial "convert to 3d" "2d to 3d" "red cyan 3d" "anaglyph 3d" "3d video" "watch in 3d" "3d movies" 3d "3d movie" "3d videos" "3D Film" "Software Tutorial" Player "video to 3d" "anaglyph 3d video" "3d effect" 3-d "3d glass video"

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