The Temple of Elemental Evil #01 | GAMES SHE MISSED

2018-06-22 02:42
◘The Full Games She Missed Playlist: ◘Streams Here: ◘Follow me for video alerts: ♥Support: •Games She Missed is a series where I embark on an epic quest to find all the great old games that I missed and at the same time, share them with you! • These let's plays are typically not full play throughs but instead they are an in-depth look at each game. I will casually experience each game to find out what I missed out on and I will have tons of fun in the meantime! • At the end of the LP I will share my thoughts about the game and if you also missed it you can go play it for yourself! :) • If you want to request a game for this series please write it in the comments below in the format of "GSM Request:_______". This helps me search for your requests. •Thanks for watching! ♥ •THE TEMPLE OF ELEMENTAL EVIL: I LOVE D&D! I play the pen and paper game with a group of friends every weekend. We play 5th edition (this game is 3.5) but I still consider myself familiar with many game play mechanics. That being said, there is A LOT I don't know, so there might be some rough beginnings to this LP. However, I promise I will love every minute of it. Let's go on another adventure! Weeee! The Temple of Elemental Evil is a 2003 role-playing video game by Troika Games. It is a remake of the classic Dungeons & Dragons adventure of the same title using the 3.5 edition rules. This is the only video game to take place in the Greyhawk campaign setting, and the first video game to implement the 3.5 edition rule set. (Source) Intro/Outro Music:

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