2018-06-22 21:53
For those paying attention: I posted an earlier version of this bit a few months ago, but I’ve since added some new lines I wanted to share. So here you go. ✈️COLLEGE TOUR✈️ 📅Anne Arundel Community College—10.10.17 📅University of Arizona—10.18.17 📅Loma Linda University—11.1.17 📅Williston State College—11.7.17 📅Fulton-Montgomery Community College—Johnstown, NY—11.16.17 (12:30 pm) 📅Purchase College —Purchase, NY—11.16.17 (7 pm) 📅Rutgers University—New Brunswick, NJ—12.4.17 PS I'd love to come to YOUR college. *But* I don't choose which schools I perform at. You do. I can only go to the schools that book me, and they only book me when students like you ask them to. Here's how: On your college's website, find the email for the group or person who plans student activities. Then write them a message about why you'd like me to come to your school. Boom.

anne arundel community college