CyberPower Value SOHO vs APC Back UPS | Best Budget UPS for Synology NAS, NBN & Home Security

2018-06-22 02:41
In this review we review the two best budget Uninterruptible Power Supply units by the two biggest brands in UPS history. Testing the CyberPower Value SOHO LCD 1500VA and APC Back UPS BX1400U to see if they can handle a home security camera, Synology DS1815+ NAS drive, TP-Link wifi router and NBN connection box. FOR MORE TECH TIPS WHAT IS A UPS? A UPS is a car battery for your home electronics, it stays plugged in between the wall socket and your home electronics to smoothen out any power surges and provide backup power in case of any power outages. For home security a UPS is essential for keeping your NBN connection running during a power cut, allowing devices such as wifi routers and home security monitors running in case say a turns off the power before breaking in, your home security unit will still have power to catch them in the act. It's also essential for keeping NAS drives turning off gracefully in case of a power cut, avoiding data loss and disk errors. REVIEWS Reviews for APC and CyberPower UPS can units vary from model to model. So be careful in picking one that will work with your setup and not just the brand name. In my experience the APC Back UPS BX1400U model didn't work well with my setup for various potential reasons (faulty unit?). However, other APC models have been reported as working well, I've taken note of these models and listed them below. APC Back UPS BX1400U - Features 6 mains or kettle power sockets (depending on your region), a usb port (but no provided cable). Comes with a long power lead (very useful). Cairoloves: (1/5) Detected by Synology DiskStation, however doesn't turn off as instructed. In our tests the battery constantly overloaded after 30 seconds to 2 minutes and cut off power to our connected devices (almost damaging the data on our NAS drive). APC Backup ES 550 Nathan S: "The APCs have been bullet proof. I know that they've saved me $$$ in equipment (plus time and hassle) over the years. They're well worth the money." APC Back-UPS Pro 550 Griz-Lee (r/synology): APC BN900M djjuice (r/synology): CyberPower Value SOHO LCD 1500VA - Features 4 mains power sockets, a usb and serial power. Comes with a USB cable and short power lead. Cairoloves: (5/5) Works fully with Synology DiskStation. LCD panels gives you accurate power information. Eaton Ellipse Pro 1200 FR stibbons_ (r/synology): Eaton NV 1000 Griz-Lee (r/synology): FILMING TOOLS | AFFILIATE LINKS Rode VideoMic Me: Rode NT-USB:

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