Logar trade d.o.o. Beekeeping equipment

2018-06-24 05:54
The outstanding quality and reliability make Logar's honey extractor highly popular all over Europe. Modern technology enables the innovative manufacturing of the bottom of the extractor. The bottom of the drum is welded without inner edges and is inclined towards the outlet. A welded stainless drainage tap is built in at the lowest point so all the honey can drain out of the extractor. Cleaning the extractor is simple. All parts of a honey extractor which come in contact with honey are made of materials appropriate for managing foods. We offer honey extractors with manual drive, electric motor or motor with full electronic speed control. Automation enables the entire process of extraction independent. Managing is simple using a digital two-line LCD display and a foil keyboard. Eight different programs can be set and saved. In each program, eight different times, directions and rotation speeds can be programmed. A compact design, silent and reliable operation. www.logar-trade.com

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