Belden's New FiberExpress Enterprise Closet "X" Patch Panel System

2018-06-21 19:06
Tailored to the enterprise LAN installer, this patch panel system features removable clear doors, fiber jumper management, jumper management clips, splice cassettes with a clear door. Improvements on the ECX: - cassette is removable and insertable from both the front and the rear of the housing. - rails for the cassette rails are directly molded into the housing - mixed media capable; fiber and copper can co-exist within the same patch panel system using Belden's keystone footprint - supports all modern fiber field termination techniques Belden has a very broad offering of copper connectivity using the keystone footprint that can be combined in this patch panel housing, potentially saving yourself a patch panel down the road. Whether you're using splice on connectors, splice trays, splice cassettes or mechanical splice connectors, those could all be utilized within this patch panel family. The entire family 1U, 2U and 4U, will be available by the end of Q1.

belden 24 port patch panel