How to Fix vcomp100.dll Errors | Windows

2018-06-22 00:36
**** vcomp100.dll Download Link **** Have you not been able to play a game or use a Program because of the "The program can´t start because vcomp100.dll is missing from your computer" Error message? Then watch this Video and learn in less then 2 minutes how to solve that error and keep doing whatever you were trying to do. **** Steps **** ** 32B-Bit Windows ** -Download 32-Bit File from: -Paste the vcomp100.dll File into: C:/Windows/System32 ** 64-Bit Windows ** -Download 32-Bit File from: -Paste the vcomp100.dll (32-Bit) into: C:/Windows/System32 -Paste the vcomp100.dll (32-Bit) into: C:/Windows/SYSWOW64 ** You´re done ** Facebook: Twitter: — With what did we create this video? — — Mac Setup — Mac Mini: SSD: — PC Setup — Processor: Mainboard: Ram 4x: SSD: Graphic Card: Water Cooling: Modded Fans: Power Supply: — Peripherials (Both Mac & PC) — Monitor 2x: Keyboard: Mouse: Sound System: Headset: Chair: All the Links above are affiliate Links to, you can still choose if and where to buy those items yourself! ** Script ** - Hey, what is up and welcome to a short Fixing tutorial, - This time it’s about the error messages concerning the vcomp100.dll file. - Here I’m using a Windows 10 Machine but this guide is also for the Windows 8 7 and Vista users. - So the vcomp100.dll file is used by various Games or Programs and if it’s missing you can download it and place it into a specific folder to get rid of the error - Okay, so first open a browser and go on the Website where you can download that file - You can click here into that box or follow the link in the Description where you can also find the whole guide in Text-Form - So now just scroll a bit down to get to this Download Section - Here you would have to choose between 32 and 64 Bit but the DLL only exists in 32 Bit so download that one, this is also the case for 64-Bit Windows Users - Open the downloaded Zip file and copy the vcomp100.dll file. - Now open your Hard drive, access your C: Drive and open the Windows folder - Scroll a bit down to the folders System32 and SYSWOW64, those are the folders which need the newly downloaded DLL file - At this point you have to know whether you are using a 64 or 32 bit Windows so is you don´t know, check this out and then return to this point. - For 32 Bit Windows Users, paste your copied old.dll into the folder System32 and you are done - For the 64 Bit Windows Users, paste the dll into the Folder System32 AND SYSWOW64 and your ale also done. - Pay attention to paste the dll into the right folder - After a short restart of your PC, the error should not appear anymore - And this was everything about the vcomp100.dll error, -I thank you for watching and hope that you found a good solution - Maybe someone of you is also having one of those error so make sure to check them out. - As always please leave your opinion and a subscription and don´t forget to never pay for something that you can do yourself

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