How to fix hal.dll/ntoskrnl error for xp bootable usb using winsetupfromusb.

2018-06-19 07:38
Winsetupfromusb download link: Windows XP recovery console tutorial: 1. 2. Other tutorial/attempts: ======================================================= Instructions: First of all,create it properly. Then follow the instructions below; 1. For Intel BIOS,after PC restart, press F10 to bring BOOT menu and select your USB from the list. 2. For other BIOS,do it by going to BOOT option in BIOS setting. 3.You have to disconnect other USB/peripheral devices for safe BOOTING. 4.Use high speed USB. If your BIOS has USB speed option,set it accordingly. 5.If PC boots from USB,enter 2nd part of the set up (It's usually becomes selected so you don't need to do anything. Just wait.That's why i mentioned 1/1). 6.Try in all possible ways to boot from USB in BIOS setting after every PC restart in case of failure. 7.Also check your USB and it's file system as well external conditions. Good Luck..(it's been tested in both desktop and laptop so don't need to worry.It's all up to you) ======================================================= Join me in: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: For Feedback:email me at [email protected] For more videos and help: Visit my Youtube channel at: reALlife.Com: and reAltime.Com: Good Luck....

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