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2018-06-22 21:40
Show 88 : Build your Email List using Simple Quizzes! Interview with Josh Haynam Business Growth Time with Terry Bean & Janet E Johnson BLOG: Podcast listeners: Subscribe via Stitcher: Subscribe via iTunes: More on Janet: More on Terry: 02:40 – What they do? They have been around in the quiz face for a long time before it was all over the marketing news! They always had to remind people it’s not a test, it’s not a school, it’s literally just for fun! But the whole point is that you are able to make quizzes like that as a brand and share those out on Facebook and use those and actually build up an email list. 03:29 – How did Josh started in doing the quizzes? Three and a half years ago when I he started doing this- you would talk to people about this concept and they were like we’re going back to school? It was just that there was no concept. How they actually get started? He and his co-founder were actually web consultants, so they would go out and find clients all sorts of random clients. They had clients who were naturopathic doctors, sales consultants. They had people that were doing web design stuff and they would build them a website from scratch and this was actually before like the big rise of Wix and Weebly and Squarespace. So this is actually back when you would get somebody to come into your office 04:22 – What they do? 04:57 -Where did the concept of a quiz came up? 07:25 – How does quizzes works? Josh says that ” Quizzes are in the mainstream a bit more now, it’s still the first time that a lot of our clients are doing quizzes! So our entire flow is set up for people that have never experienced this before and basically the way it works is you come in. you make a totally free, account there’s no catch to it, it’s not trial. It’s actually free. Then, you choose your website category. So, if you’re in marketing, you choose marketing, it shows you a list of quiz templates that are pre-optimized to work conversion. Then, you can actually sort them by conversion, just like how Leadpages does it. Then, you can select a template, grab it. It loads into the builder and then we have a walk through menu that helps you understand the elements you can modify on that quiz. 10:16 – What these quizzes look like? 12:17 – How to set that up? 14:45 – How did they convert to the email list? 15:34 – What are other methods people have used to get people aware of these quizzes? #1 – Facebook – prepare both organic and in-organic advertising we’ve seen some crazy conversion rates on advertising leads coming, $.12 a piece. #2 – Website – so a lot of times people will do what we like to call a website takeover, where you’ll put a banner across the top and also a link in the sidebar and then links throughout your site to the quiz making your main lead magnet and we’ve had people double their opt-ins overnight just by doing that because a quiz is so much more appealing than a lead capture form or even a download. #3 – Twitter – They are still relevant and there are quizzes that just absolutely blow up on Twitter. #4 – Pinterest – Is an interesting way, its cool and has a lot of power in Pinterest 17:38 – How do quiz creates? 19:58 – Levels of payment 21:34 – What does it look like when a quiz goes viral? How many people are taking it? 25:56 – Did Josh get into the apps? 27:23 – Giveaways and Assessments! They have giveaways as another tool because obvious a lot of people there in marketing are going to be doing both …..So giveaways are much simpler but they actually have a really strong social reach so a giveaway when you set it up it’s basically like you we’re giving away to a free business toolkit with training and courses and things like that you can enter with your email and then you can get additional entries by sharing the actual giveaway on to other social networks of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 30:22 – How was the growth with the company? 33:49 – Where to find Josh Haynam Where to Find: You can find everything you need to know about Josh Haynam and you can set up a free account grab a template play with it and see how it works and Use Quizzes To Build Your Email List!!

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