How to convert your any Inverter Battery setup into Solar Inverter

2018-06-22 00:41
Using Solar Conversion Kit, you can convert any inverter/battery set up into solar power system. You will need solar panels, battery, inverter and Solarcon (Solar Conversion Kit) for this To watch more videos on inverters, batteries, solar power and upcoming technologies subscribe to Su-Kam's YouTube channel- Check out our solar website to know interesting facts about solar inverter/batteries- To buy this product link on this link- To download brochure of this product click here- Follow us on LinkedIn- Follow us on our Twitter Solar page- Follow us on our Facebook Page- Follow us on Instagram and check out interesting pictures of solar panels/inverters/batteries - Check out our international solar projects 1MW and much more- Feel free to comment below with all your queries we would reply back within 24 hours.JPB - High [NCS Release]

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