DEAD RISING 4: Back to the Willamette Mall | LORE in a Minute! | Phil Plays | LORE

2018-06-24 06:04
Phil Plays takes us full circle as Frank West returns to the Willamette Megaplex Mall to investigate yet another zombie outbreak! Subscribe to LORE: Follow Lore on Twitter @LoreInAMinute Watch The Last Guardian Dev LORE here: Written by Gainesaurus: Animated by Nevarky Voiced by Phil Plays: Transcript: The meat industry couldn’t keep up with meat-binging Americans, so scientist Russell Barnaby founded a lab in Santa Cabeza to accelerate meat production. The lab experimented on a local insect’s ability to do just that… but instead they reanimated the corpses of lab animals. And right on cue, the insects escaped and spread a zombie parasite, leaving Uncle Sam to cover it all up by killing anything and everything in the city. Survivor Carlito Keyes later experimented on fifty orphans, creating sleeper zombies and one orphan containing the cure. Then, with his sister Isabela, he vengefully released Queens in Willamette, Colorado. Guilt-stricken, Isabela fixed a temporary vaccine so photojournalist Frank West could foil Carlos' plans at zombie-infested Parkview Mall. While Isabela developed the Zombrex Drug, Frank became an overnight celebrity. But when his TV show was cancelled, he helped motocross champion Chuck Greene expose Zombrex producer Phenotrans for causing the Vegas Outbreak. Believing Frank left her behind, Isabela hatched her own plan, found orphan number twelve and created the zombie cure. Embittered by endless coverups, Frank now teaches photojournalism, but his student, Vick, just got a tip about an awesome minigolf course just outside of Willamette! Just kidding, it’s a shady government laboratory. Together, they uncover a highly unethical cloning experiment, though instead of coming away with a breaking story, Vick loses control and leaves Frank with all the blame. Sometime later, a ZDC colonel discovers Frank has been teaching wedding photography under the brilliant alias, Hank East, and recruits him to investigate yet another outbreak where it all began: the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall. Have fun! --------- About LORE in a Minute!: LORE is your one-stop shop for the history, plot, backstory -- you name it -- of your favorite franchises from video games and anime to comics and movies, and more. LORE pairs your favorite YouTubers like Dodger, Octopimp, Comicstorian, Stampy, Ricepirate, and Markiplier with talented animators all over the world. Find out the top facts and Easter eggs of games like Fallout 4, Overwatch, Gears of War, Dark Souls all the way to classics like Pokemon, Elder Scrolls, Mario, Bioshock, Half-Life, and Zelda. We also cover movies, comics, cartoons, anime, and TV shows, so be sure to check out our library for Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Batman, Avengers, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and more! --------- Polaris Animated Universe: LORE! Subscribe for more LORE! Follow us on Twitter! --------- Thanks for watching LORE!

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