Citra Emulator (3DS Emulator) Pokemon Moon on a Lenovo Thinkpad X240

2018-06-22 21:49
I hope you enjoy the my friend's attempt at running Citra Emulator on a very old Lenovo Thinkpad. I will ask my friend what his specs were when he ran the emulator test. I will be sure to update the description with the technical specs once he does so. He got very bored so he included a lot of funny jokes. Hope you enjoy them! Feel free to comment "I did it!" if you managed to watch the entirety of this video XD Video Highlights: 8:03 Getting distracted and going to r/PCGaming 8:54 Start of Shitposting 9:23 More Shitposting due to lag 9:42 Regrets about Running Emulator Test 11:26 Game Finally loads 12:24 Placing bets on how long its gonna take to start actual gameplay 13:02 Chris's estimate of when the gameplay will start 13:27 Realization this video is comprised of more shitposting than actual gameplay 13:02 New found hope 15:35 Relief that the game has finally started 15:55 Realization that there is another laggy cutscene 16:35 Specs of Laptop (idk why we did this we were bored at this point) 17:05 Making fun of my Surface Pro 2017 18:00 Checking if Main Character of Pokemon Moon is alive or not 20:10 Letting Main Character's Mom know the game is running at 5 FPS 22:17 Not Jet Lag but Citra Lag 28:59 Prayers 30:30 Using Citra Emulator is like driving a Mars Rover drunk 31:36 More anxiety due to another laggy cutscene to survive 32:28 Giving up on Citra functioning properly -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Another short paragraph about the video for SEO. If you are reading this, that's because MrPocketGamer98, the Mobile Game King of Youtube, is dumb and forgot to write something clever in his quest to bring unlimited videos to the channel in order to make it into a Tech Utopia centered around mobile devices! Or maybe he left it intentionally...... –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 💰Become a YouTube Partner and MAKE MONEY💰 Use my referral link to become a Freedom! Partner, today! ➣ –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ▶︎▶︎▶︎My Playlists for all Gameplays with Emulators◀︎◀︎◀︎ ✅My DamonPS2 Pro Gameplays Android - ✅My Dolphin Emulator (Android, Windows, and OSX!) Gameplay Videos - ✅My PPSSPP PSP Gameplay Videos - ✅My Reicast Dreamcast Gameplays- ✅ My Drastic DS Gameplay Videos - –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 📱FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA📱 🔹TWITTER🐦: @MrPocketGamer98 ➣ 🔹INSTAGRAM📷: @MrPocketGamer98 ➣ 🔹DISCORD SERVER 📣: (For Emulator Help and For Fast Communication!) ➣ –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Frequent Questions 🔸Recording software? ➣ iOS (Built in Screen Recorder), Android (SCR Pro), Windows (Ocam and OBS), Mac OS X (Screenflow) 🔸Editing software? ➣ Shotcut (Windows), Screenflow (Mac OS X) 🔸How do I get successful on YouTube? ➣ Upload original, good quality [720p or 1080p] videos with great commentary. Keep this up and you'll gain subs in no time! 🔸Can I have a shoutout / channel banner / etc.? ➣ If enough people ask I may start a weekly shout out series for smaller youtubers. However, at the moment I do not plan on doing this due to the various and many educational committments required by college. I also hate making banners and channel art in general so doing it for other people isn’t my cup of tea :/ 🔸Can I record with you? ➣ Send your request in the discord chat room or through a Twitter DM and I’ll consider it. 🔸How can I request (Insert Game Name Here) on (Insert Emulator Name Here)? ➣ Comment down below and I’ll probably get to it when I’m on vacation from school. If it’s not a typical vacation time period be sure to put it in the Discord as a reminder. If too many tests are requested then I may have to do a poll to see what people want the most on Discord.

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