How to Use the Basic Selection and Marquees Tools in Photoshop Elements 15

2018-06-19 07:34
Get my free 3 hour Photoshop Elements 15 course ► Over 20 videos to help make those digital photos look magnificent! Get the complete 14-hour Photoshop Elements 15 training course here ► During this Photoshop Elements 15 tutorial video, we will cover the basics of selection and the use of marquee tool. We will demonstrate how to make selection, how to deselect, add, subtract and intersect selections, how to make a fixed ratio selection, how to invert a selection and how to to add an effect to a selection. Checkout some of our other training on YouTube: Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 training tutorials: Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 training tutorials: Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 training tutorials: Get the complete PSE 15 course here: Stay in touch: YouTube Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: If you enjoyed the video, please give a "thumbs up" and subscribe to the channel ;-) Hello again and welcome back to our course on PSE 15. This section is the first of several, about half a dozen sections, on selection. If you’ve used a relatively recent version of PSE and you’re very happy with the selection tools, you know which tools to use when and how and why, then you can probably skip this and the next few sections. If you haven’t used them before or if you’re not quite sure of, for example, which tool to use in which situation then I think you’re going to find the next few sections pretty useful. I pointed out earlier in the course why we do selection. Very often we only need to work on part of an image and sometimes we want to take apart one image and use it elsewhere. So we need to be able to select part of an image. And the range of tools for selection in PSE is now pretty extensive. Why are there so many tools? Well selection can be done on a number of bases. For instance in this first section we’re just going to take a regular shape out of a picture and we’re just going to do it visually and say well I want that rectangular part of the picture, for example. But in other situations we may make a selection based on the color of objects in the image or perhaps finding a defined edge. So if I wanted to cut this sheep out how would I select the sheep? Would I draw around the edge? Or could I perhaps rely on the difference in color between the sheep and the field that it’s standing in? So we have some standard selection tools that we’re going to start with but then we have other selection tools that are based on things like color. Once we’ve made selections we have various tools to improve those selections and then various ways of working with them, such as adding to selections, saving them for later use and so on. So there’s a lot to know about selections and they are a very important part of using the PSE 15 Editor. The first set of tools we’re going to look at then are what are called the Marquee tools. These are basically the simplest selection tools that we have in PSE 15. You need to know how to use these but also in using and explaining these I can show you some of the other common features of selection tools that you’re going to need to know about. The selection tools are in this Select group at the top here, the Marquee tools are the top right. There are two of them. There is a rectangular marquee and there is an elliptical marquee. Let’s go with the rectangular marquee to begin with. Sorry, we couldn't fit the entire video transcription here since YouTube only allows 5000 characters.

elliptical marquee tools