How to fix Plugged in, Not charging battery problem - Windows 7/8/10

2018-06-24 00:03
[ still if you can't fix this Or have some problem - please comment i will be glad to help ] It didn't work? Try these tricks : - 1. Reset the bios settings to default. 2.Go to bios settings i . Battery info ii. Now connect the charger if battery is getting charged normally without any problem iii. Reinstall windows. CTRL + R type "msinfo32.exe" and hit enter i. system information windows will open ii. Note down the Bios version and release date and processor iii. download the bios driver from official website of your laptop manufacturer, the bios driver version should be newer than installed on your system(don't install if it's older or same) and for the same operating system you're using and processor. (you may need product number of your laptop model to search the driver on manufacturer's website) iv. Download v. Update bios driver vi.Be careful with this connect the laptop charger before you double click on the downloaded file to install. vii.Don't restart\shutdown \ disconnect AC supply. 4. start using your laptop on battery till it hibernates i. again power on and use it until it reaches 2 - 3 percent. ii. now when it hibernates iii. Remove the battery iv. Plugg in the charger v. power on laptop and uninstall the driver mentioned in above video. vi. shutdown vii. again put the battery back into laptop viii. charge it and don't power on your laptopn untill (1-2 hrs) the battery is fully charged. ix. after that power on. I hope one of these works for your computer. If doesn't then there may be some problem with your laptop charger Or Battery. [ i'm saying MAY BE not WILL BE ] ;) Comment please if you have some problem. Thank you!

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