Kygo Sounds (Sylenth1 SoundBank) | FREE DOWNLOAD

2018-06-21 19:02
💙 Free download, both soundbank (presets) & flp; - read me - So I decided to make some of my favorite Kygo sounds in sylenth1. These presets aren't extremely advanced or anything, just thought I would share. I hope you enjoy. :) (and yea, I know that the last two basses is the same sounds. I just wanted to make midivariations of the same bass.) Please note that these doesn't have the appropriate effects on them to make them sound as good as possible. Please also note that I'm using v.2.4 (64 bit) of Sylenth1. I hope it works in your versions as well. Please comment if something f*cks up. Feel free to use, modify etc /robn - Social Stuff - instagram: soundcloud: Website down for

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