How to Play Gamecube or Wii Games on Windows 10! | Dolphin | (Easy)

2018-06-24 05:44
Dolphin is an free emulator where you can play Gamecube or Wii games on your PC. You dont need a crazy computer to run the emulator; with a basic computer you can have fun it the games! You can play your classic games finally! In this video i also showed how to configure the PS3 controller with the Dolphin EMU. HERE IS THE GC CONTROLLER FILE: MEGA:!wEBVGZhZ MEDIAFIRE: WINRAR 64 bit: WINRAR 32 BIT: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! |PS VITA UPDATE| ~ |BATMAN NIGHWING| ~ |FIFA 14 BLOOPERS| ~ |N64 Emulator| ~ |PS3 Controller to PC! Win 10 Fix| ~ |Black Ops 3| ~ |Mortal Kombat X| ~Takeda: ~Best Moves: Jacqui: ~All X Ray: ~Predator's Combos: ~Jason's Combos: ~Kung Jin's Combos: ~Tremor's Combos: you guys enjoyed the video. PLEASE leave a comment below for which CHARACTER do you want me to make a combo guide for.

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