Google Home Features Update 3: Games/Trivia, bedtime stories, night mode

2018-07-20 04:06
A Google Home features updating going over new features Google has added to Google Home devices over the past few months as well as some nifty small features you may not have known about. Link to Google Home Max Review: Link to Google Home Mini Review: Google Home/Assistant features in this video: Re-sync my devices feature: **Pair bluetooth devices to Google Home: **There is a much easier way to do this as pointed out by some viewers. Simply say "Hey Google, Bluetooth" and that specific Google Home device will put itself into Bluetooth pairing mode. All you have to do is go into another devices settings and pair to it. Stories, Fairytales and going to sleep to a bedtime story: Games and Trivia feature: Night mode feature (includes light brightness limit, volume limit, do not disturb functionality): Alarm and timer volume limit: Google Home Mini play/pause media feature: Start sound and End sound feature: Google Assistant Explore website demo:

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