Crazy GH2 Montage From The Georgia Guitar Hero Meetup

2018-06-19 11:23
This was my first time playing GH2 customs on a PS2 instead of awful emulator. I would like to get GH2 customs set up on a PS2 here at my house, so I could make a much better montage. Jdurand11143 recorded the first clip with the hilarious "FUCK yeeeaaaaaahhhh" in it. Matt Way, and TextureOfCouch recorded a lot of clips with my phone. I also used LocalH's camera for a few clips. Shoutout to Danny Enrique for hosting this awesome meetup/inviting me, and shoutout to the rest of the homies that I got to meet in Georgia. It was one of the best weeks of my life for sure. 0:00 Soulless 3 - Split Solo - Sweep Solo 0:42 Guidelines - Solo 1:05 Black Hole - Uber Sweeps 1:18 Inverted - Full Solo 2:28 Misadventure - Crazy Synth 2:50 Destruction Armageddon (Underchart) - Volcano Solo - Armageddon Solo 3:33 Egyptian Secrets - Trills 3:58 Egyptian Secrets - WTF Sweeps 4:10 Fallout - Solo 2B - The next solo 4:39 ge4ce - Maximum Speed A 4:52 ge4ce - Maximum Speed B 5:05 ge4ce - Maximum Buckethead C 5:17 Misadventure - Crazy Buildup - Trips 6:03 Soulless 2 - Sweeping Solo 6:18 Soulless 3 - Quad - Quipped Solo BONUS CLIP: 6:45 ge4ce - Maximum Strength

guitar hero montage