How to Finish Conference Realignment (With Super Conferences) | Saturday Subjects

2018-06-19 21:08
SUBSCRIBE: I assume all the conference realignment moves over the last decade or so will eventually end in the Power 5 conferences all finishing with 16 teams split into two 8-team divisions. In my little thought experiment, I try to figure out the teams that each conference would add while still keeping all their current teams. With that, I added Navy and Notre Dame/UConn to the ACC; Temple and North Dakota State to the Big Ten; South Florida (USF), Tulane, Cincinnati, Colorado St, Memphis, and UCF to the Big 12; Boise State, Nevada, UNLV, and BYU to the Pac-12; and East Carolina and Tulsa to the SEC. This is how I would finish conference alignment, but I really want to know what you would do. So let me know how YOU would finish conference re-alignment down in the comment section. ~MY GEAR~ MY BIG CAMERA: MY MICROPHONE: MY VLOG CAMERA: MY LIGHTING: MY TRIPOD: BENDY TRIPOD: MY OLD CAMERA (CHEAPER): First Video:11/6/16 100: 10/6/16 250: 11/4/16 500: 6/2/17 1,000:

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