Huawei Unlock Calculator

2018-06-19 20:55
Procedure of Unlocking is simple and for all of these given below huawei model and have been tested successfully ... Huawei E8372h-153 Huawei E8372h-608 Huawei E5573s-320 Huawei E5573s-606 Huawei E3372h Huawei B310s-927 step1:- you downgrade firmware to version# step2:- you use my new Huawei Unlock calculator from here step3:- you upgrade firmware to anyone that is suitable to your modem .. and thats it , now can use any non carrier sim in your modem device but if you are unable to follow the above mentioned 3 steps then it means you are either stuck on upgraded firmware or in anyway your modem device unable to Unlock easily thats why you use Emergency Bootloader method or injection method , thats why i made these videos . and also injection method can also be used if you stuck with modem device not responding or you think is near to death .. ------------------------------------------------ Note:- Do not use my old calculator, it hangs and freezes, I've just uploaded a new calculator, and he immediately unlock with a single release button,no need to calculate 8-digit unlock code Nck Network. ------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ if you guys know a better and free uploading site then let me know because mostly time download links becomes non useable and you get errors . All downloads links are given below, you can easily download from megacloud or mediafire or all have same data and updated .. all Download Links updated 22-OCT-2016 ----------!3FtiSS6J!Knek_Ws7Q0XaJzdpPE_tLA or ------------------------------------

how to unlock huawei