How To Put Your Face into WWE 2K17 (Face Import Tutorial)

2018-06-19 07:43
A new #WWE2k17 tutorial on how to add your face to your superstar! link to 2k website: link to free photoshop: Like, subscribe, comment, and share! If you have a suggestion or feedback please go ahead and comment! Quick Link: Gamertag (Xbox One): Quinn’s GT: [Q 4 Pres] David’s GT: [Sasquatch966] Chloe’s GT: [DefConChloe] Twitch: Presidentq & S2Gaming Follow Me on Google+ - S2 Productions or Quinton Stallworth Instagram: Presidentq or S2 Productions Twitter: S2_Productions or quinn_stall Facebook: S2 Productions YouTube: S2 Productions or PresidentQ Welcome to the channel of President Q, the one & only president of all gaming, and leader of the Q World Order. On this channel I mostly revolve around creation, tutorials, and storytelling. This can be seen in-game, or in one of my vlogs, but I'm willing to do more if I feel there is a message that needs to be sent! I hope you enjoy the video, subscribe, like, & check out my other stuff!

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