Free m3u Player with EPG - Watch IPTV on Windows PC -Vader Streams Or Any Service - March 2018

2018-06-22 02:54
In this review, I will show you what I consider one of the best m3u players for Windows 8+ besides Kodi, Perfect Player for Windows Or ProgTV for Windows. You can use this program to watch your IPTV service with, provided your service supports m3u playlists. It has a fully functioning guide. You can switch playlists easily if you have more than 1 service as It supports multiple playlists. Group channels, Set Favourites, Much better than using Pot Player or VLC which does not have a guide. The Web Player for Vader Streams or another web player from your provider will likely be better, But this is a nice backup. Especially if your IPTV service does not have an official Web Player like Vader Streams does and only supplies you with an m3u URL to watch on your computer and you're using a player without a guide. This is for Windows computers with the Windows Store. The program is called "MyIPTV Player". Here is the link, or open up your Windows App Store and search for "MyIPTV Player" and Install: If you like my content, Please, subscribe and like my video. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment! Happy to help. Thanks, Everyone! You can donate to my channel if you wish. My PayPal donation link is in my YouTube banner with my link to my Twitter account. All donations are appreciated. Or you can follow the link below. Thanks.

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