ION TTUSB Manual Turntable Review And Demonstration

2018-06-24 05:47
While my Audio Technica AT-LP60 vinyl turntable is still in regular use for transferring my records to digital, I've been finding myself growing increasingly frustrated with the "automatic" aspect it. While it's well-suited for people who like to simply put a record on, have it play, and then have it automatically stop at the end of the record, it really isn't ideal for cuing up individual songs manually, similar to what radio stations and DJs do when playing music from vinyl. Looking around online would have you believe that the only manual turntables to be had (in working, ready-to-go condition straight out of the box) would end up costing you in excess of $100. Fortunately, with enough looking, I came across this ION TTUSB turntable. While its main intention is for transferring one's record collection via the USB connection, it can still be used as a standalone manual analog turntable, albeit belt-driven. Judging by the preliminary tests I've done thus far, the cartridge is of a relatively high quality with audio quality and fidelity comparable to the AT-LP60. The only caveat I've discovered is a lack of proper shielding on some of the components, causing a rather noticeable hum/interference to make its way into the audio. Whatever the component is (probably the power supply), the hum it causes is most noticeable toward the center of the turntable's platter. Respectively, when playing a 45 from the beginning instead of an LP, the hum is more noticeable as the cartridge, stylus, and tonearm are closer to the center of the platter. Additionally, the decision was made to use a plastic platter as opposed to one made of aluminum. Conversely, the Numark branded model of this turntable (which shares the same design, but has a pitch control by alongside the speed selection buttons) has an aluminum platter! Barring that issue, it's a turntable of mediocre quality. However, It is certainly easier being able to cue up the songs manually without an automatic mechanism bungling up everything.

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