Mas Sajady | Exponential Intelligence® 104 Demystifying Religion: Jihad

2018-06-24 05:55
Full audio stream and Mas Sajady program reviews of Exponential Intelligence 104 at Listen in for more Mas Sajady podcasts and Exponential Intelligence at Receive 2 free gifts from Mas Sajady by entering your email at In Exponential Intelligence video podcast 104, Mas Sajady reviews Jihad, the holy war. Mas Sajady video podcast 104 is one in a series on Demystifying Religion. Jihad is a very sensitive topic, especially this time in history with a lot of issues around religion. Mas Sajady reviews that he is not here to distort religion or to dissuade you from any religious practices that you may be practicing. Mas Sajady is here to clarify religion for you. Through history, religion has been distorted, Mas Sajady reviews. What the originator really meant or thought is very different than what we read in books or what we hear in church, the mosque or any religious or spiritual topic. In this Exponential Intelligence Mas Sajady video podcast, Mas is here as a consultant to really help you understand, so your religion or faith actually enhances you — whether it’s supposed to enhance you in this side, in this physical plane or the hereafter. In this Mas Sajady video podcast, you can watch, listen and join along during a Mas Sajady Medihealing®. Sajady taps into Exponential Intelligence and brings forward a deeper state of meditation for you where Mas works on you at your source code to help you understand and live through the concepts. Mas Sajady reviews obvious questions about Jihad, the holy war, which few people actually consider. Jihad. Holy war. It sounds like the “war of all wars” and that God’s involved. And who can possibly defeat God? But if God is not personally fighting, but having humans fight for him, then whoever God wants to fight against has no chance to win and live. Jihad, holy war, sounds scary and ruthless. Fighters are fearless. Victims are hopeless. Jihad is the ultimate religious justification for violence. Jihad, holy war, makes people perceive Islam with lots of fear, as if it’s a loveless religion of intolerance and violence. If God wants to fight someone, that person must be guilty and deserve to die. So, in some cases, in Jihad, the terrorists, because they are fighting for God, are actually seen by some as the good people. Why does God want us to fight? What’s so holy about the war? If the war is fought in the name of God, why does God, The Almighty, need humans to fight his war? Let’s see what Exponential Intelligence says about Jihad. Although Jihad is a Muslim term for holy war, Christianity had The Crusades as a holy war. Both have the purpose of “cleansing” and destroying an old religion and its people in their quest to rectify God’s message and gain control. Both used the “Word of God” to kill humans. If you really understand Jihad, it’s not about killing other humans. In fact, why would God create humans for other humans to kill? It’s totally against God. It’s totally against what Exponential Intelligence teaches. The true meaning of Jihad, in any religion or even spiritual practice, is really about the war of the internal self. For men to kill men is not holy war. True holy war is to praise God and cut away the enemies of truth within us. This is the holy war we must fight internally. This is the evil. To join Mas Sajady's 21 Day Medihealing Program go to More Mas Sajady videos can be viewed at Check out Mas Sajady meditations and spiritual healings at If you are interested in any of these spiritual thought leaders and healers, then you would be interested in Mas Sajady's website, Mas Sajady spiritual healings and Mas Sajady programs at Mazin Abdul-Adhim LaShanda Greene Imples Paynter Francis Lucille Ihsan Alexander Thich Nhat Hanh Ken Wilber Alexi Panos Aubrey Marcus Adyashanti Rupert Spira Preston Smiles Byron Katie Matt Kahn Mooji Doreen Virtue Koi Fresco Eckhart Tolle Deepak Chopra Sadhguru

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