AWSE: Joe Teti's Bugout Bag (Bolt Cutters)

2018-06-19 21:07
Arguing with Survival Experts: Joe Teti's Bugout Bag & Carrying Bolt Cutters Joe Teti and bolt cutters in his bugout bag. A big no no based on my experience and while I'm confident most preppers would agree I welcome everyone's feedback below. More importantly, I'll look forward to Joes response to elaborate on the reasons why carrying bolt cutters is greater then the logical conclusions I've outline in this video. ▼▼▼ Question and comments are always welcome... Presented by Che of the Ontario Prepper Survival Network: Join me on facebook: Join us for our Annual Preppers Meet where we connect the best survivalists, preppers and self-reliant experts for the largest 'free' prepper event in Canada!

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