2018-06-22 00:39
parkour vs police real security assassin guard true life chase gopro extreme original first person pov escape 2017 compilation full movie escape Check out our instagram : If you wanna help this channel we take donations on Paypal and even a dollar will help ► Thank you very much! KILLER PARKOUR POV CLOWN VS PARKOUR ZOMBIES - EPIC HALLOWEEN gopro SCARY CLOWN PRANK IN ABANDONED BUILDING If you are planning to start doing parkour TRY some of these things IT HELPED ME A LOT ! ► parkour handbook LEARN everything you need to now to START doing PARKOUR ► black hoodie ► black hoodie with orange stripes ( personally I think the best on the list ) ► PARKOUR GUY t-shirt ► PARKOUR BACKPACK - UNTAMED - the BEST backpack for parkour ! ► parkour GLOVES i strongly suggest you to get one of these it will save you a lot of pain ! Today we are bringing you a compilation / top 3 of AWESOME : killer clowns vs parkour sightings in pov .In this videos people try to escape from clowns using parkour , stunts and other. Will the clowns kill or will they get the revenge , you will find out in this video .clowns - it all started with pranks from clowns scaring people and it has gone viral everywhere . Now they police and security needs to deal with them there are news about them in all countries and they are appearing everywhere . PARKOUR VS KILLER CLOWN - THE REVENGE - PARKOUR POV - GOPRO HERO 5 TOP 2 KILLER PARKOUR POV CLOWN VS PARKOUR - EPIC HALLOWEEN gopro SCARY CLOWN PRANK NONE OF THIS CONTENT IS MINE . CREDITS GO TO REAL OWNERS : stunt swe birdseye flow error SbregMuzz Productions IF you want your video taken down please write it in the comments :D HOPE YOU WILL ENJOYYY !!! last video : DON`T FORGET to SUBSCRIBE and click the BELL: FOLLOW us on FACEBOOK: Details about clowns : they appear everywhere they use all kinds of weapons like a knife or a chainsaw and that is all in real life . They are everywhere on the news in the whole world in parks on the bridges and they attack and scare people and no one can stop them and it all came from a prank. People need to stop clown sightings. parkour vs killer clown real chase killer clown vs parkour pros killer clown vs parkour epic parkour vs killer clown chase killer clown vs parkour pov parkour vs killer clown real parkour vs killer clown killer clown vs parkour parkour killer clown chase parkour gone wrong broken bones clown attack, parkour vs police parkour vs police real life chase killer clown prank gone wrong creepy clowns caught on camera stunt swe vs clown killer clown clowns scary clown -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "People are AWESOME or INSANE 2017 ► BEST of the month APRIL" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

killer clown prank