Why Bachelor In Paradise's Blake called Laurina by the wrong name | ABS US DAILY NEWS

2018-06-19 07:40
★More ABS NEWS - Entertainment Video►► He awkwardly called Laurina Fleure by the wrong name during the Rose Ceremony on Tuesday's Bachelor In Paradise. And now it has been revealed why Blake Colman made such a terrible gaffe. Jake Ellis told Now To Love that Blake was feeling 'sick' during filming - but the whole cast found the incident funny.'It was pretty funny. Blake was very sick at the time and wasn't feeling the best,' Jake said on Tuesday.  'It was a shock but it definitely broke up the tension of the Rose Ceremony.'Jake added: 'They are very intense!'Meanwhile, Jake told News.com.au how sick Blake was, with a flu going around on set. 'To back Blake up, he was very crook at that rose ceremony,' Jake told the publication.'He literally just got out of bed to walk in and give that rose. We all had a bit of a flu going around, and he was a bit delirious.'  During the Rose Ceremony, Blake turned to ask Laurina if she would accept his rose, but mistakenly called her 'Lenora'.'I appreciate that he got my name wrong because it made it a lot easier to decide that... we're done!' Laurina said.After the show aired, Blake took to Instagram to joke about his cringeworthy gaffe.His post simply read, 'I had one job,' along with a series of emojis.Fans quickly poked fun at Blake, with one asking: 'Wonder what old mate Lenora thought of ya shirt?'

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