NIGHT TIME- Cheap Lens, Ambient Light ONLY Crop Sensor Camera Challenge-Mardi Gras 2018

2018-06-21 19:09
Join award winning photographer Jason Lanier for a night time shoot on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras in New Orleans where he challenges himself to do a shoot using only the ambient street lights with a cheap 50mm lens on a crop sensor body. PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE! This shoot was done using the Sony A6500 with the Sony FE 50mm f/1.8 lens. Jason used the lights of the street which included street lights, lamps, flood lights and more. He didn't reposition anything or alter any lighting in the scene. He just adjusted the models with posing and did what he could do to make it work. **Gear used in the video: **Sony A6500- **Sony FE 50mm lens- Gear used to record the video: **Sony A7Riii- *Sony 35mm f/1.4- **Sony A9- **Sony 24-70GM- We thank you in advance for watching and invite you to stick around and watch a few more videos while you're here. Don't forget to click on subscribe and notifications so you're updated every time a brand new video is released. We thank you for being here! Don't forget to follow us on our other social media outlets which include: *Instagram- *Facebook- *Twitter- *Website- Thanks! Jason Lanier Photography

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