Lightroom 5/6 cc 2017 Editing Tutorial - Create Dramatic Black and White Photos in Lightroom 5/6 cc

2018-06-19 11:18
My BRAND NEW Lightroom Presets: ► Instagram: ► || Camera: ► In this episode --''Lightroom Photography Editing Tutorial - Create Dramatic Black and White Photos in Lightroom 6 CC''-- I show you how to turn a boring photo into an amazing, dramatic black and white in under 10 minutes while I show you step by step what adjustments I do and why I do them. --------------------------------- MY PHOTO GEAR: ► My Camera: ► Newer Version Of My Camera: ► Super Sharp Sony 50mm F1.8 Lens: ► Budget 35mm F1.8 Lens: ► My Tripod: ► 128GB SD Card: ► Lavalier Microphone: ► Compact Rode Microphone: ► Color Accurate Video Light: (These are amazon affiliate links, they give me a small commission if you buy something through the link at no extra cost to you - Thanks for supporting me and my channel :) --------------------------------- FINE ART PRINTS: ► Prints: You can purchase high quality prints of my very best photos from my website. When purchasing a print, you can expect great attention to detail, top sharpness and a print that looks just as vivid as you see it on the website. This helps me to make free educational videos in the future and is greatly appreciated! --------------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA: ► Website: ►Instagram: ► Subscribe on YouTube: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: --------------------------------- Thanks for watching! :) . . . . . Ignore: black and white, bw, b&w, b+w, blackandwhite, lightroom, adobe lightroom, adobe photoshop lightroom, lightroom 5, lightroom 6, lightroom 6 cc, adobe photoshop lightroom 6, dramatic black and white, black and white photography, b+w photography, b&w photography, bw photography, lightroom 6 black and white, b&w lightroom b+w lightroom 6, b&w lightroom, b&w lightroom 6, black and white lightroom 6 CC, black and white lightroom 6, black and white lightroom 5, black and white photography lightroom 6, black and white lightroom, black and white photography editing, black and white editing, black and white post photo post processing, black and white post processing, how to create dramatic black and white, photography tutorial, lightroom tutorial, lightroom editing, lightroom tutorial black and white, b&w lightroom editing, bw lightroom editing, b&w lightroom 6 editing post processing,

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