How to Make a Kick-Ass Animated Promo Video in 1 Hour using Free Software

2018-06-19 11:15
This Udemy Course Offers the Unique Opportunity to Get Instant FEEDBACK on Your Promo Videos and to Share them with Hundreds of Students. ***100% Money Back Guarantee from Udemy*** This Course Just lunched and over 500 Students Enrolled on the 1st Day alone and a 5 Star Rating Here is a link to get the course 90% OFF for Limited Time Only $5 Coupon: *Do you want to learn how to make a Great Animated Demo Video without Spending Hundreds of Dollars and Countless Hours Learning Complicated Animation Software? I can teach you how to make Pro-Quality videos in 1 day using Professional Quality Free Version Software. **Have you noticed how sticky 'gossip' is? For some reason a juicy story just goes viral almost without effort. In this course, we will cover the 5 elements that make stories really sticky and apply them in our videos. ...And You Will Know when Your Story is on the right track by Getting Constant Feedback from the Class! By the time this class is over, you will have a killer demo video. ***What About the Software? I’m going to teach you how to create a Kick-Ass Animated Promo Video using 2 Different types of Software, one of which has a Free Version! Doing it yourself often requires learning professional animation software like After Effects, Flash, or Maya which is expensive and too complex to learn. Instead, I am going to train you in using 2 Different Types of Professional Grade Animation Software which will cost you less than $80 or even Free with the non-paid version. ***This Class is a Step by Step, interactive guide that will take you from 'Concept' to 'Story' To 'Animated Video' in 1 Day.*** Most Importantly, this is an Interactive Class in which You Will Get Feedback from the Class! We will cover: 1. How to Create Killer Content that is Interesting, that Connects with your Audience and Moves them to action! 2. Learn how to write an Awesome Story and Dialogue and get Feedback from the Class. 3. The Secrets of Pacing, the 6 Second Rule and the Power of 2minutes. 4. How to Animate Using 2 Types of Software 5. Practice Animating a popular 30 Second Commercial 6. Staging 101, Do's and Don'ts as well as the 'Salutes Test' 7. AIDA and a few tricks to get your audience to do just anything you want... 8. In a few short hours you will learn everything you need know to produce a kick-ass demo video that will save thousands of dollars. Best of all, you will get Feedback and Exposure from sharing your video with the Class. You can make following types of videos with this Course: promotional videos animated promo video product demo video examples product demo software demo videos product demo videos for startups animated product demo videos best product demo videos explainer videos business Promo Video create an Animated Promo Video product demo video video for your startups marketing videos sales Videos create Animated Videos explainer Video animated explainer video animated videos for business animated video for websites Links to Course: Get it for $9: Full Price Version: Free Lite Version: 14 Day Free Trial GoAnimate:

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