Floreant POS in Tablet & Mobile

2018-06-18 14:36
Hello viewers, this is my first video in youtube. I will show you how to make your restaurant can have a POS system that works in wifi and mobile device. I have chosen a popular POS which has 25000 downloads and its an excellent POS for dine-in. Many of my friends asked do we need a Tablet based POS? II say yes or no. Tablet based POS are useful and getting popular these days. Although ipad or andoird tablets has limited hardware support but due to portability food server can carry them with him and show client food menu. Other side of coin is known tablet pos developers are skimming market and it costs five to ten times more than desktop POS. Here I show a quick solution that let Floreant POS accessible from Tablet. Yesterday I have shown this solution to a Chinese restaurant and they were very happy with this.

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