The Panini history of Mozambique (Men's Soccer Team)

2018-06-19 11:17
This is a compilation of Mozambique's men's football team in the history of all Panini tournament albums from 1970 to 2017. For each tournament you can see, in which round the team was eliminated and by whom. There's also a nice domino flag intro by DOMINELLA. Here's a link to her YouTube-channel: Song / Music: "Anna" performed by "Pop'n'Soul-Group CREATIONS" from the album "Get ready for this!" available on iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay and more... Panini Mosambik Panini Mozambique Panini Moçambique Panini Africa 96 Panini Africa Cup 96 Panini Afrique 96 Panini African Cup of Nations 1996 Panini 1996 Panini Album Mosambik Panini Album Mozambique Panini Album Moçambique Panini Album Africa 96 Panini Album Africa Cup 96 Panini Album Afrique 96 Panini Album African Cup of Nations 1996 Panini Album 1996 Panini Stickers Mosambik Panini Stickers Mozambique Panini Stickers Moçambique Panini Stickers Africa 96 Panini Stickers Africa Cup 96 Panini Stickers Afrique 96 Panini Stickers African Cup of Nations 1996 Panini Stickers 1996 Domino Flagge Mosambik Domino flag Mozambique Domino drapeau Mozambique Domino bandera Mozambique Domino bandeira Moçambique Flagge Mosambik Geschichte Mosambik Fußball Mosambik Fußballgeschichte Mosambik Mosambikanische Fußballgeschichte Mosambikanische Geschichte Flag Mozambique History Mozambique Soccer Mozambique Football Mozambique Soccer history Mozambique Football history Mozambique Mozambican soccer history Mozambican football history Mozambican history Drapeau Mozambique Histoire Mozambique Football histoire Mozambique Histoire football mozambicain Histoire mozambicain Bandera Mozambique Historia Mozambique Futbol Mozambique Futbol historia Mozambique Bandeira Moçambique História Moçambique Futebol Moçambique Futebol história Moçambique História futebol moçambicano História moçambicano

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