(WE)mpowered Event Series: A Night of Discussion on Proposed Medical Cannabis Regulations in CA

2018-07-20 04:12
(WE)mpowered Event Series is a new community for women in cannabis. On Thursday May 25, 2017 we gathered together at Gateway Incubator with some of the most influential women in the Bay Area cannabis community for an evening of community, collaboration and conversation. We were joined by keynote speaker Lori Ajax and an esteemed group of panelists who presented and discussed key components of the newly proposed CA regulations. This is footage of the entire evening where you can hear Lori Ajax speak about the process behind the regulatory process followed by an active Q and A between the audience, Ms Ajax and the panelists. Keynote speaker: Lori Ajax Panelists: Julie Mercer-Ingram, Beck Law Townie Logan, Sonoma County Grower’s Alliance Ellen Komp, CA NORML Sponsors of the event: HelloMD, Sava, Garden Society and hosted by Gateway Incubator Visit https://www.HelloMD.com/ to get more information about current state of regulation in the cannabis industry.

night of community