WWE 2K18 Online - IS THIS GUY BETTER THAN DANGER?!! (ft. newLEGACY's Johnny Boi)

2018-06-22 21:53
This guy might be cooler than Chris Danger. I mean, he's not. But it's fun to pretend sometimes. Oh Johnny's here too again, sorry. Sub to newLEGACY!!: http://youtube.com/newlegacyinc http://twitch.tv/newlegacyinc Follow me on all my social media: Twitter: http://twitter.com/thechrisdenker Instagram: http://instagram.com/thechrisdenker Snapchat: chrisdenker Facebook: http://facebook.com/chrisdenker Subscribe: http://youtube.com/DenkOps Thanks for watching, be sure to leave a Like! :)

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