North Carolina Permit Practice Test #1

2018-06-22 21:46
North Carolina Permit Practice Test #1 has 10 permit test questions for your NC driver's license test. Study the North Carolina Driver Handbook and use our practice questions to get ready in no time! Here is a summary of some ways to help you keep sharp and up-to-date for your North Carolina permit test and the road test: - Use feedback. Discuss questions, answers, and safe driving with a friend or a parent. Ask them to give suggestions on things you must know for your test. - Learn about the vehicle. Make sure you know all the controls of any vehicle you are supposed to drive. The owner's manual can be a good place to start. - Pick up a copy of the latest DMV driver's handbook. Make sure you are up-to-date with the latest laws in North Carolina. - Know yourself. Attitudes play a large role in your ability to pass both the written knowledge test and the practical road test. - Learn about alcohol and how it affects you. - Finally, there are now trick questions on the North Carolina written test. Don't add your own information. Everything you need to answer a question correctly is already there. Just read it carefully. To get more random DMV questions and answers, visit All rights reserved.

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