Pokemon Ash-Gray Part 64 Pokemon League Started On Indigo Plateau, Mandi Water & Kevin Rock Field

2018-06-19 20:51
Pokemon Ash-Gray Part 64 Pokemon League Started On Indigo Plateau, Battle With Mandi On Water Field & Kevin On Rock Field Pokemon League Rounds Round 1 PokeFan Won Against Mandi On Water Field. Round 2 PokeFan Won Against Kevin On Rock Field. Badge Collection :- 1) Boulder Badge From Brock At Pewter City 2) Cascade Badge From Daisy At Cerulean City Pokemon HMs Ash-Gray Reached Cities, Paths, Caves Etc 1) Pallet Town 2) Viridian City 3) Pewter City 4) Mt. Moon Cave 5) Cerulean City 6) Vermilion City Previous 40+ Parts Details 63 Defeat Team Rocket, Helped Otoshi, Arrived Indigo Plateau & Lit Moltres Torch 62 Pokemopolis City Ancient Ruins & Jigglypuff Sing To Stop Giant Alakazam & Ganger Fight & Eve Gave Dome Fossil 61 PokeFan Battle With Giant Onix On Mount Hideaway For Elite Four - Bruno 60 PokeFan Completed Battle On Victory Road | GBA Rom Hacks 59 PokeFan Won Against Battle Trainers On Victory Road | GBA Rom Hacks 58 Victory Road Battle, Rival Said League Not Started & PokeFan Caught Pokemons 57 PokeFan Gave Fertilizer To Mom At Pallet Town & Battle On Route 18 56 Mewtwo Strikes Back 3 | Clash With Mew Turned Into Stone Than Cries Saved PokeFan & All Clones & Happens Erased From Mind & Mom Send To Take Some Fertilizer From Xanadu Nursery With Grass Pokemon Need To Enter & Defeated Florinda 55 Most Powerful Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back 2 | Defeating Duplicate Clones 54 The Movie Mewtwo Strikes Back 1 | Battle With Trainers On New Island 53 Slowpoke Evolve Into Slowbro After Connected Shellder & PokeFan Lost Consciousness & Victor Surf Through Humunga Dunga To Put Flag & Dragonite Invite To See The World Greatest Trainer On New Island Through Old Shore Wharf & On New Island Flashed Neo Ticket To Nurse Joy 52 PokeFan Talk With Prof. Oak And Searching For Path & Something GBA ROM hacks 51 Pallet Town Met Prof. Oak, Rival, Scientist & Defeating Team Rocket & Battle On Route 21 | GBA ROM hacks 50 Earned Earth Badge From Team Rocket At Viridian City Gym & Used Warp System & Viridian Gym Collapsed After Battle End & Rival Kaz Lose In Viridian Gym & Reached Pallet Town 49 Wild Meowth Down The Cliff, Used Poke-Flute To Awake Blastoise On Route 15 Near Cinnabar Island, Rock Tunnel, Mt. Moon & Viridian City 48 Caught Bulbasaur In Hidden Village & Venusaur Summoned In Evolution Festival & Don't Want To Evolve 47 PokeFan Following Rare Farfetch'd In The Forest On Route 12 Then Stole All Pokemon & Got All Pokemons And Battle With its Trainer & Team Rocket & Defeated Yas Gym & Kas Gym Leaders In Dark City 46 The Magical Mermaid Cerulean Sisters & Defeat Team Rocket In Gym & Super Rod From Misty & Searching 45 PokeFan Talk Daisy, Seymour Spaceship Fled From Mt. Moon & Meet Misty At Cerulean City 44 PokeFan Won Battle With Trainers In Rock Tunnel 43 PokeFan Saw Wild Wartortle & Used Raft To Battle Route 15 & Rock Tunnel 42 PokeFan Sailed To Cinnabar Island After Lose Exam In Pokemon League Admission & Defeat Team Rocket & Won Volcano Badge From Blaine Cinnabar Island 41 PokeFan At Breeding Center Scam & Found Rocket Hideout & Defeat Team Rocket & Battle With Trainers & Pokemon League Admission Exam 40 Jessie Caught Lickitung & PokeFan Battle Behalf Of Misty Won & Pokemon League Admission Center & Defeated Thief 39 PokeFan Found Secret Path & Battle Aerodactyl & Saved James From Parents & Egg Hatch & Battle Misty 38 PokeFan Reached Neon Town After Battle On Route 12 & Got Pickaxe (Rock Smash) From Kaz & Battle With Trainers & Walk In Game Corner 37 PokeFan Gave Exeggutor To Juggler Melvin & Reached Mossgreen Village & Battle With Cassandra & Evolve Into Parasect 36 Got 3 Stones From Eevee Brothers & Battle With Trainers & Hypnosis Me & Gba Hack Roms 35 Defeat Team Rocket & Eevee Brothers & Used Poke-Flute To Awake Snorlax GBA ROM Hacks 34 PokeFan Battle At Cycling Road & Won Battle With Duplica Ditto & North Pole Delivered Children Presents & Reached Digital World With Help Of Porygon 33 PokeFan Earned Soul Badge From Koga At Fuchsia City Gym & Defeat Aya & Poison Chamber Master Attack Ninja Must Know Go South & Unlock Gym Door 32 PokeFan Found Hidden Village & Met Melanie With Bulbasaur 31 PokeFan Searching For New Areas & Try To Explore 30 Reached Fuchsia City & Explored City & Try To Find Next Gym 29 PokeFan Won Race With Ponyta & Safari Zone Tauros & Defeated Team Rocket & Warden Gave Reward 28 PokeFan Become P1 Champion & Won Battle On Route 9 With Trainers 27 PokeFan Won Battles & Caught Dugtrio In Diglett's Cave & Lose Battle Against Team Rocket GBA ROM Hacks, Pokemon Hack Roms Pokemon Ash-Gray Walkthrough, Episode, Gameplay Or PlayThrough Subscribe Us For More Games

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