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2018-06-22 00:31
LEARN MORE: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------------ USB Wall Adapter with Hidden Camera Product Summary and Information: The Ultimate Covert Hidden Camera Perfectly Adapted for Both Home and Office Use There are some places your standard hidden camera just won’t fit in. Try explaining that teddy bear cam on your desk at work, or the digital clock camera perched above your stack of memos. The first and most important rule of hidden camera selection is that your camera choice must naturally blend into the setting you want to place it in. So if you are looking to surveil your kid’s playroom then that bear cam would be perfect, but if you need something a bit less conspicuous in formal or informal settings alike, then the USB Wall Adapter Hidden Camera is the perfect choice. The Wall Adapter Hidden Camera is operational anywhere with an electrical outlet. As long as the room you want to keep an eye on has electricity, it is perfectly suited to disguising the Adapter Camera. Whether you want to watch over your work desk while on a lunch break, or are hoping to catch the co-worker who has been sampling your lunches from the office fridge, this hidden camera gives you the footage you need in 720p video quality. Inconspicuous and Mobile For Use Anywhere Built into a seemingly ordinary power adaptor, the Hidden Camera simply needs to be placed into an electrical outlet for immediate and inconspicuous recording. Not only does the camera look like a standard USB charger, but it actually is one. Plug your phone or other USB enabled device into the adaptor cord and charge it, all while recording. No Need to Keep an Eye on Battery Life Because the Wall Adapter Hidden Camera is only operational when plugged directly into an electrical outlet, it does not need an internal battery. While this means you cannot place it out of outlet range, you also do not need to worry about waning battery life or constant recharging. As long as you can find an outlet, you shouldn’t have any problem setting up or powering the camera. 720 x 480 Video Quality The USB Wall Adaptor Hidden Camera may be small, but it certainly packs quite a recording punch. The camera shoots crisp video footage, capable of capturing detail big or small. Internal 32GB Storage Included Unlike many other other hidden cameras that require the additional purchase of a microSD card to store the footage you record, the Wall Adaptor Hidden Camera comes with 32GB of internal storage. That means that the price you pay at checkout is the final price you’ll need to pay to start recording and storing footage, no add-ons or separate microSD cards required. Motion Activated Recording With motion activated recording your camera will operate when you need it to, and conserve storage space when you don't. It also ensures that the any recording you view actually has something worth reviewing. You will never need to fast forward through lifeless, boring footage, just to get to something worth watching in real time. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------------ Highlights: -Perfect for home and office surveillance -Captures faces clearly from across a room -Motion activated mode saves memory -Stores 9 hours of video (no memory card) -Covert design keeps camera hidden ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------------ Warranty Info: 90 Day SpyTec Limited Warranty Products purchased online or from an authorized retailer and under warranty qualify for an exchange with a valid receipt. Warranty service is handled entirely by SpyTec. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------------ TRANSCRIPT: The USB Wall Adapter is a low-priced, covert surveillance device with plenty of useful features that sets up easily in any place that has an outlet. If you’re trying to find out who’s been coming in and out of your cubicle at the workplace, suspect a roommate of taking things from your bedroom, or simply want hassle-free home security monitoring, just plug in the wall adapter camera and you’re ready to go. Recording in 720p resolution, the camera will capture faces, clothing and other important details with clarity. It won’t be long before you’ve discovered where your missing belongings are going. Key Points Dirt cheap Easy enough to use Not limited by what it looks like, makes sense in many locations Motion detection Plug-in unit don’t worry about battery Basic use cases for hidden cams. Theft, bad roommates, etc. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------------ FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Twitter:

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