Profit and Loss Statement Template - Free Excel Spreadsheet

2018-06-23 12:54
Download here: Every business, small or big, works for profit (unless it is a non-profit) And correctly tracking of profits, revenues, costs can be sometimes frustrating. Using a well prepared excel template can help you in this manner. Profit & Loss Statement template is prepared solely for this purpose. It is simple but effective, easy to use and nice looking. Just fill the database section according to your business information. You will have to input Income, Expenses and Taxes for the most basic profit and lost statement. Then you can see the nice charts, trends and summary tables on the dashboard. You can even select the month and see the details on dashboard. - A must have for every business - Easy to use and nice design - Cool dashboard with nice charts and summary tables - Separate database section for keeping the things clean - Print Ready - Compatible with Excel 2010 and later

profit loss report spreadsheet