NoMiS Plays Project Zomboid Build 38 | Season 6 | Ep. 1 - Modded Survival

2018-06-22 02:54
MODS: Hydrocraft - All In Zomboid Map Pack - Survivors! - Driving Cars - Immersive Overlays - Chainsaw - Pump Power - The PZ Real Gun Mod - ORGM Silencer/Suppressor Mod - **Comment and Subscribe!** ***Weekly schedule on the About page*** ( Let’s Play Project Zomboid! In the zombie apocalypse we must scavenge every day just to survive. Loot homes, business and other buildings over an expansive map to find necessary items required to ensure long term survival. But in Project Zomboid, nothing is guaranteed. Release: Early Access Genre: Survival, Zombie, Apocalyptic, RPG Developer: The Indie Stone

project zomboid ep1