Project Zomboid Build 31 | Ep 1 | Traits and Tainted Water | Let's Play!

2018-06-19 07:29
Let's play Project Zomboid Build 31! Project Zomboid has been updated for Build 31 featureing new traits, jobs, tainted water, and a key system. Project Zomboid is a isometric zombie survival game. It attempts to capture the feeling of actually surviving in a world taken over by zombies. It is currently in Build 31 of the Alpha and is constantly changing and expanding. Game Website: Developer Forums: New Features In Build 31 Include: Keys: -You'll now spawn with a key ring and key of your house. -You can find additional keys inside containers and zombies who spawned in this house. -If you destroy a door corresponding to a a key you have, take the door knob and rebuild a door with it, you have the key! Perfect for your safe house! -You can mouse over a key to highlight surrounding doors that correspond to this key -Padlocks, 2 types: --"Mechanical", need a key, can be put on hand made wooden crates --Combinaison, you setup a 3 numbers code for your padlock. -[MP] Added a /noclip command for admins, if you set it to true, the players won't collide on anything -[MP]Added a NoFireSpread server option, if true, fire won't spread (but still trigger) -[MP]Added a AnnounceDeath server option, if true it'll show a message of who killed who, or who's dead (like [PVP] RJ killed Lemmy. or [PVP] Meabe is dead.) -[MP] Admin now able to add xp and teleport to a player. -[MP] Added a DropOffWhiteListAfterDeath server options, if true when a player die, he's removed from the whitelist. -Player will now revive as a zombie after being infected and dead. -Follow your character becoming part of a new horde and slaughter other poor players! (or being killed... Again.. Urg.) -Added tainted water: -You can now gather water from the river but it'll be tainted. -Same for rain collector barrel water. -Tainted water can still be drink but cause some food poisonning. -Boil it (only in pot or bowl) to remove the tainted -New Traits/Professions/Last Stand/Level system: Explained by the one and true Lemmy: -You have now 10 levels instead of 5, the level 10 correspond to the level 5. Professions -Professions now often give skill points, and these tie in directly to the learning speed in those skills as well as the starting skill level. This is to further diversity character creation and make the professions feel like an actual previous experience exists instead of starting characters as blank slate. Also professions are not all necessarily free, so there is the potential for some more powerful start professions to require negative traits to balance. Unemployed gives 8 points to start. This is very important for reasons that will be clear when we talk about the new traits. So you may pick the Carpenter profession, and right out of the bat this gives you 3 points in carpentry. This not only means starting on level 3, but the carpenter will gain a 50% boost to XP in that skill. The scaling goes as follows, based on the starting skill level: 0) 0.25x speed (eek) 1) 1x speed 2) 1.25x speed 3) 1.5x speed 4) 1.5x speed 5) - This multiplier is permanent for the entire game. Even when you get to level 1 in a 0 level skill, you retain the x4 time to learn it. -Trait Revamp 1) Currently non relevant traits have been removed until NPCs go in. Light Drinker and all the other cheesable traits. 2) We've added a ton more. Some need better names and others may be OP/UP and may need nerfing or point values changing. 3) To counter the fact that a profession may only allow leveling up a single skill. Specifically, a range of traits now act as hobbies. Say you pick 'Gardener' trait that says the character enjoyed gardening in their pre-apocalypse life. This will give a single point in farming, for example, and while this doesn't seem like a huge deal in itself, since its a character creation skill point, it DOES mean that they are now learning farming at a 1x speed rate instead of just 1/4th speed. This makes farming a viable skill to train up during a run. Think Morrowind minor / major skills. So now the player is encouraged to pick a few hobbies or other traits that round out their character with skills they intend to use, and now with little in the way of exploits with negative traits they will have to build some bigger disadvantages into their character to compensate. This is why unemployed gets extra points to start. They have the time to invest in hobbies, and need them to have any skills they can train at a decent speed at all. -I haven't done the descriptions for the professions / traits yet (want to run them through Will) or any UI elements to convey the starting skills or training speeds etc, If you liked this video, please consider hitting the Like button. It helps me out a great deal! Twitter:

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