Project Zomboid Ep41 - Lumber Mill & Metal Working

2018-06-22 02:49
Project Zomboid Ep41 - Lumber Mill & Metal Working Subscribe Here: My Photography website: My Web Comic: I build some water collectors and make another trip to the lumber mill. I start trying to sort through all the crates and see what exactly I have. There's a new update (build 35) and they have added metal working. No recipes in the crafting menu but I found a ton of supplies for it at the lumber mill oddly enough. They also made it so the container you are looking in is highlighted. Something I specifically had asked for and got. Me happy. Project Zomboid Episode 1: Project Zomboid Playlist: Get Project Zomboid here: Related Channels: Game Grumps - Stumpt - Stumpt Price - Stumpt Rik -

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