Electrum on Puppy Linux - Offline Bitcoin Wallet on USB

2018-06-19 11:10
It took me 3 days to find solution that works. NEW VERSION for Electrum 3.0.6 is here: https://youtu.be/Br9bF-Oxvhk Steps: 1. Puppy Linux ISO has only 220 MB. Download ubuntu-compatible ISO from http://puppylinux.com 2. Rufus - download portable version from https://rufus.akeo.ie 3. Create bootable USB using Rufus, selecting ISO of Puppy Linux 3. Boot from USB to Puppy Linux 4. Create Save File - if not, all system changes and user file changes will be forgotten on reboot 5. Puppy Package Manager - Update database 6. Install packages for Electrum2: • python-qt4 • python-pip • python-sip 7. Install electrum using pip2 command 8. Protect yourself: turn on firewall 9. Make USB offline: disable all network adapters 10. Start Electrum and create your first offline wallet ----------------UPDATE for Electrum3.0.1, packages: • python3-pip • python3-setuptools • python3-pyqt5 • python3-sip But "Segmentation fault" occurs when I try to start Electrum3, like described here: https://github.com/spesmilo/electrum/issues/3239 -----------------------END of update------------ To receive BTC, your stick can be unplugged and safely stored, you do not need it. To send BTC (should be rare), here is a nice tutorial on signing "send" transactions in "offline" wallet (holds private keys securely isolated from internet) and sending signed transaction request to internet using online but "watch-only" wallet, as very secure method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQumISxkJsQ I hope this will help you not to spend days discovering what works, as it took me. Happy bitcoining!

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