SAM KOLDER INSTAGRAM TUTORIAL (@sam_kolder) | Travel Lifestyle

2018-06-22 00:34
In this tutorial I show you how to achieve the Sam Kolder photo editing style. In his edits, Sam tends to use a high color contrast of teal and orange much like his videos. Hopefully, this will teach you some editing techniques in order to achieve that travel look that he achieves on his instagram feed. - CHECK OUT: // SAM KOLDER Instagram: - FOLLOW ME: Merch: Blog : Instagram : Twitter : Snapchat: Facebook : - MUSIC: Intro/Outro: TwoFeet - Go f*** yourself - GEAR: Canon 70D (Main Camera): Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 Lens: Microphone: Memory Card (BEST): Gopro Hero 3+ Silver : Joby gorillapod : Editing software: Premier Pro CC Business Related Inquiries: [email protected] how to edit like sam kolder instagram,instagram sam kolder,sam kolder,sam kolder camera,sam kolder editing,sam kolder editing app,sam kolder editing online,sam kolder editing software,sam kolder editing techniques,sam kolder editing tutorial,sam kolder editing video,sam kolder photo editing,sam kolder photo editing apps,sam kolder photo editing download,sam kolder photo editing free,sam kolder style,how to edit photos like sam kolder

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