Street Outlaws Outlaw Armageddon 3 The Third Assault: Big Chief, Murder Nova, Kamikaze, Dominator

2018-06-22 21:51
Merchandise Store: Want to see more Street Outlaws Videos? Click here for a Playlist: This is a great video of the huge gathering of the fastest street racers in the country that come down to Thunder Valley Raceway in Nobel Oklahoma for a cash prize and the title of being the fastest in the land for that year. 2017 Outlaw Armageddon was the third time the Street Outlaws guys have hosted this event and this might have been the best on yet. Even though it had rained hard the week leading up to the race on this Friday that I filmed the rains gave way and the heat set in and let the races go on. All the heavy hitters were at this event and here is a list of cars and racers that are in this video: James Finney "Birdman" -vs- James Love "Doc" Corey Peters "Helleanor" -vs- Honey Badger Kamikaze Chris -vs- Ryan Haggert "Swamp Thing" Shawn Ellington "Murder Nova" -vs- Corvette ProMod Mike Hensen "Plan B" -vs- Justin Shearer/Big Chief "The Crow" Chuck Seitsinger "Death Trap" -vs- Joe Woods "Dominator" Daddy Dave -vs- '55 Chuck Bobby Ducote -vs- Daddy Dave (small tire car) Jackie Knox -vs- The Captain Boosted GT -vs- Charlie Brown Ryan Martin "Fireball Camaro" -vs- Blown 1957 Chevy James Goad "Reaper" -vs- David Bird Jones Kye Kelly "Shocker" -vs- Trans Am Shane Lester -vs- Jason Cantu Black Bird Vega -vs- Black Trans Am Street Outlaws Outlaw Armageddon The Third Assault Street Outlaws Big Chief and Murder Nova Street Outlaws Big Chief

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