Christopher Paolini and the Sword on the Wall

2018-06-19 07:40
In 2005, fans of the Inheritance Cycle commissioned the creation of a replica of Zar'roc, one of the Dragon Rider swords. Christopher shares his appreciation in this video. For more information, visit Transcript: Oh, the sword? Well, this sword actually has a story with it. This is a replica of Eragon’s first sword, Zar’roc (Morzan’s sword), that the fans got together, pooled their money together and had made for me back, well…actually, this was for my birthday after Eragon came out. Between Eragon and Eldest, somewhere around there. I couldn’t believe they did it. I mean, it’s a beautiful piece. I’ve had it hanging on the wall in my office ever since. And it’s was just one of those things that really drove home to me that there really were people out there in the world reading the books, who liked the books—which can sometimes can be hard for an author to wrap their mind around when they spend all their time sitting in front of a computer, typing away at the keyboard. I’ve always been immensely fond of that sword and wherever I go, I’ll pull it along with me.

the sword and the mind