The Next Big Thing Wellness Revolution By Paul Zane Pilzer Hindi Audiobook Introduction

2018-06-18 14:33
Chapter 0 This is the Introduction : Why Wellness is the Next Big Thing of THE WELLNESS REVOLUTION in your Language. Five years ago, Paul Zane Pilzer writer of this book outlined an industrys future called "wellness" and showed readers how they could get in on the profitable bottom floor. The New Wellness Revolution, This edition includes more guidance and business advice for entrepreneurs, product distributors, physicians and other wellness professionals. It's an industry that will only grow, so get in while you can. Introduction: The Next Big Thing. Chapter 1. Why We Need a Revolution. Chapter 2. Understanding and Controlling the Demand for Wellness. Chapter 3. What You Need to Know about Food. Chapter 4. Making Your Fortune in Food. Chapter 5. Making Your Fortune in Medicine. Chapter 6. What You Must Know about Health Insurance. Chapter 7. The Gold Mine in Wellness Insurance. Chapter 8. Making Your Fortune in Wellness Distribution. Chapter 9. Staking Your Claim. Chapter 10. Epilogue: Unlimited Wellness.

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