Transformers War for Cybertron (Game Movie-Full Length) {HD}

2018-07-20 04:13
Watch the sequel here: This took me about 5 months to make so I really put effort into this. This is one of the more complicated videogame movies because this game uses 3 different perspectives so it took a while to edit everything in harmony. I also edited some small things in some of the cutscenes like pop ins(NOT pop up textures). It's kind of hard to explain but it's basically a split second of some strange thing in the cutscenes such as change in lighting, model twitches, or camera jerks. So more than meets the eye with this one. I also apologize for playing this game using a keyboard and mouse. Using a controller is a much better tool to make game movies. You can't walk slowly using a keyboard and mouse and camera movement is a bit jerky thanks to my shaky hands. :/ I tried to make it as cinematic as possible and found an alternative to walk slowly by aiming. Anyways..Enjoy and don't forget to watch the sequel, Fall of Cybertron! (I used a controller in FOC) Remember to leave a like, comment, and subscribe! Decepticons Ch. 1 0:02:37 Ch. 2 0:15:31 Ch. 3 0:24:45 Ch. 4 0:42:34 Ch. 5 0:54:26 Autobots Ch. 6 1:00:52 Ch. 7 1:17:11 Ch. 8 1:34:12 Ch. 9 1:45:48 Ch. 10 2:01:12

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