Why do we need to EDIT images? | BEHIND THE VEIL #4

2018-07-20 04:13
In this episode, we answer a very good question posed by Leslie (thanks again for your question!!): "Actually how necessary is it to edit the photos? What do you actually mean by editing the photos?" @leslietzy We talk about the common reasons why a digital image needs to be taken into photo editing software to be post processed and polished up and what exactly do we mean when we say we have to post process the images. Here's a peak behind the veil of what happens to your wedding photos after the big day! Feel free to visit our photography & videography website at http://nicolethen.com/blog ✿ http://instagram.com/nicolethen ❤ snapchat: wundertv ✿ http://facebook.com/wunderexplore ❤ WUNDER EXPLORE (http://wunderexplore.com) ✿ NICOLETHEN STUDIO (http://nicolethen.com)

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